Naked in Red Shower

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August 18, 2012
Of all the colors that are out there, red seems to be the color that speaks to me the most. You might have noticed that red was pretty present everywhere in other series, so, yeah, I dig the color, what can I do. But this time, I believe I have given the red a whole new meaning.
Yeah, yeah, I always say stuff like that, you would say that, now would you not? Have a look at the red shower that I am in, is it not really off the hook? There I am, standing with a sweet little nothing on me that almost would count as clothing but it most certainly does not. I bet you do not even see it. Anyway, despite the fact that it does not sound like much yet, trust me, it looks and feels like much more. The story? Well, a nice lady, a girl, formerly known as sweet, innocent… a succubus that came straight from hell to conquer your glands, to make you wish you were here with me, make you yearn for a dimensional gate, moaning in despair, scratching at your display screen – I do hope you are not staring at these pictures on a retina display, I do not give any warranties you will make it out of here alive. Deep inside, I want to still your hunger, this heat, this melting lava bubbling inside of me as well, so I let the water splash, seeking coolness, seeking perhaps your touch to release the remaining restrains. It does get WET, oh my God, does it get WET! Yes, that kind of wet too.
I love it that my clothing almost disappears under the influence of water. You can see me, see my everything, you are almost able to touch my innermost. It just did not seem that transparent, the dress, initially, right? But now it all but vanished into thin air; or perhaps that is your burning fantasy removing the last of the barriers? Join me in these pictures, at least with your eyes and succumb to the charms of this devilish girl with a heart of gold. I promise I will not hurt you… much! :D

Naked in Red ShowerNaked in Red ShowerNaked in Red ShowerNaked in Red ShowerNaked in Red Shower

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