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March 27, 2012
A couple of weeks ago some of my female friends and me decided to have fun once again and for real. We know each other that well that only a glance passed between us and we knew what was in store for the evening: we were to go to a club and flirt with some cool guys.
There were outings such as this before and we have a bet going on each and every time: the one of us that gets the most attention, she is treated as VIP the whole evening and the drinks are on all of us losers. Normally we end up paying nothing anyway, all the boys pay up to get our attention most of the time, but the game is never about the booze, it is about prestige. Naturally we tend to overdo it; or rather we underdress significantly, if you get what I mean.
So it happened more often than not that transparent tops and overly shortened skirts became the norm, sometimes going commando as well, depending on how much we had to drink already. Guys swarm us and the one that dared the most gets the most attention, wins for the night and that is about it.
You know me, I always wear tight outfits anyway and having daring clothes on is a second nature for me. I particularly like to dress in a way where a seemingly accidental move can reveal more than some heart can take, so I became very crafty at winning these outings. I am a true fountain of talents, I tell you. In any case, I decided to wear one of the outfits that won me some nights with the gals for you today. Stunningly red, chokingly tight and so short that you wonder if it is there at all; this is my winning combination and the other star of this series. I hope that you like it as much as I do. :)

Disco LoveDisco LoveDisco LoveDisco LoveDisco Love

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