Hot Pink Bikini

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March 10, 2012
Now honestly, I go completely bonkers over this hot pink bikini, I simply love it! I know, you will say now: "Sure, she loves the pink bikini, because the colors are simply awesome", but that is not the only reason!
The particular awesomeness of this bikini is derived from the sheer extravagance of the unique design and cut it has. Yeah, bikinis are supposed to reveal a lot of skin and such an occasion is generally accepted as being sexy, but this hot pink bikini has this incredible slip that is just out of this world! I always wanted to have such a bikini model where bikini halters go across the shoulders and for some reason this piece had everything just right.
For some weird reason I have the impression that when the halters go over the shoulders like this, my legs seem to be even longer then they are. I am aware that I do have long legs and then some, but if you look closely at the point where my legs leave the sexy little pink slip and continue down the leg... hello, are you still with me? Well, I guess this is as good an answer as anything. Just go back to watching my legs there, I understand, I am staring too. Yeah, I am weird like that.

Hot Pink BikiniHot Pink BikiniHot Pink BikiniHot Pink BikiniHot Pink Bikini

Susan Wayland Hot and Delicious Glamour Fashion Bikini Model