Naughty in Backyard Shed

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August 11, 2012
Sometimes I do get the itch to do something outright naughty, it is a weird notion, but to me it does not seem really bad, maybe almost normal, but nevertheless, still almost. Before I start to stutter, I should simply tell you how this series came to be.
It was cold and I wanted to get some more firewood. There was this humongous log that I started to work on. It was a lot of fun and suddenly I found myself wielding the ax like a Canadian. It must have been the surroundings, which inspired my fervor, a beautiful old cabin that puts you right into the mood, if you know what I mean. No, not that kind of mood, but on the other hand, maybe; anyway, read on and you will see what I mean. The shed, where I was getting it on, stop smiling, was pretty cold, although I worked up some sweat and did not really feel it. This was the moment the idea struck me.
I can use this shed, I reckoned, after all this axing I could use some cooling off and this incredibly different backdrop did mess with my mind a bit. So I grabbed some fur pieces that were just laid out and covered the wood with it. Yes, I did say wood. I took off my shirt and immediately felt better. Hey, I thought, I can do some more and cool off all the way. So almost everything else followed the shirt, like my boots, and my hotpants; all except for my black lace lingerie, which I kept on for a bit. I was standing there, all sweaty and wet and had only underwear on. I am a naughty thing, am I not, I thought to myself, almost expecting, if not hoping for someone to walk in. It should have been someone, walking in and seeing me there, all bare and unsure of what I was doing. No need to talk, just heat and wood and I almost put all my clothes on at that moment out of sheer panic. But I did not. I was way beyond clothes at that point, my fantasy going haywire.
I laid myself down on the improvised fur bed and tossed the slip and the top off as well. Might go all the way, I thought, trembling from desire that crept up on me. Licking my lips I realized that the only thing that was disturbing me was my clothes, and now that all is off, I needed to make sure of it and started touching myself. I imagined someone walking in, seeing me there, all naked, my breast piercings glinting invitingly like my pierced labia. Heat came over me, engulfing me and pushing me beyond reason, my breathing coming laboriously, yet comforting.
I got all worked up, just remembering all of it right now, writing this all down for you. Well, this is a different kind of series, showing some of my, shall I say, more openly displayed passion. I do not think it naughty, maybe a bit on the daring side, but most definitely hot. Hey, I do like to be sexy for you, you like? :)

Naughty in Backyard ShedNaughty in Backyard ShedNaughty in Backyard ShedNaughty in Backyard ShedNaughty in Backyard Shed

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